Baxter Pharmacy Services

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Your one-stop-shop for your medical needs

Have access to the medical and pharmaceutical supplies you deserve when you call or visit us today. Achieve optimal health with the help of a pharmacy with over 49 years of service on their side. Experience FREE prescription delivery, within the Quincy area, in the comfort of your own home.

Baxter Pharmacy Services

Diabetic and ostomy supplies

Diabetic and ostomy supplies have the ability to manage your diabetes by monitoring your blood sugar / glucose levels with our products. Avoid kidney complications and potential blindness by learning proper preventative measures. In addition, we offer a full range of ostomy supplies. Live a full life after surgery by wearing the equipment most suited for your needs to see the best results.

Baxter Pharmacy Services

Drug utilization reviews and interaction analysis

Every time a prescription is filled, we find it as our duty to perform a drug utilization review in order to gauge its effectiveness. Take advantage of our accurate and up-to-date information on your medication with a drug interaction analysis. We make sure there are no unanswered questions about your prescriptions.

Baxter Pharmacy Services

Durable medical supplies

Get what you need. You can find most of your medical supply requirements right here at Baxter Pharmacy. We are also licensed to bill select insurances thus saving you time and money. Browse our site to see our list of supplies.

Baxter Pharmacy Services

Prescription delivery

At Baxter Pharmacy, your medication is just a phone call away. We offer prescription delivery straight to your doorstep in the quincy area. For more details on this free service, please contact us by phone.

Baxter Pharmacy Services

Wound care supplies and surgical support

Here at Baxter Pharmacy, we assess your wound for proper care. We make sure that caring for your wound is individualized to give you the best supplies. A wide variety of products is available to fit your medical needs.

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