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Be able to solve your medical questions without stopping by the pharmacy.

Learn all you need to know about your medicines

Rely on a staff that has over 49 years of service on their side to answer your medical concerns. For example, we suggest you never take more medicine than you're prescribed, but if you do, please consult advice from your pharmacist or doctor. In addition, we provide wound assessment and staging with individualized care planning for all your wound-care supplies.

If you're traveling with medicine, make sure all bottles are labeled. Never mix medications. Take the proper amount of medicine with you. Leave enough medication at home so that if your luggage is lost, you have enough pills to last you until your bags are found. Avoid extreme temperatures and put refrigerated medicine in its own insulated travel bag.

Storing and knowing your medicine

It should be in your best interest to familiarize yourself with the side effects, names, and purposes of each medication you take. Please store your medications in a convenient area away from moisture. The living room and bedroom are the best place for your bottles, while refrigerated medicine should be labeled appropriately and stored separately.

Different age groups and medicines

When it comes to your children's medication, it is your duty to ensure that they take the full recommended dose. Special flavoring is often used to disguise the taste of medicine. However, older individuals benefit from communication with their pharmacist and doctors as the amount of medication increases over the years. Learn about all the side effects and be aware that the body's response to medicine changes as we age. It's also recommended that you utilize the services of as few health care providers as possible.

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Additional tips you should know

  • Always call 911 for an emergency and have the poison control telephone number close by. The number is 1-800-222-1222
  • All medication can be beneficial, if taken according to your doctor's or pharmacist's orders
  • When a new medication is prescribed, always consults your pharmacist to learn of any interactions and side effects.
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